About – Galerie Jano Lapin


Location & Hours

We are located on Wellington, a commercial street, in the heart of Verdun neighbourhood in Montreal, QC.  

Our address is 3819, Rue Wellington Verdun suite 200, QC H4G 1V1. Please contact us at hello@janolapin.com or 514-605-7504 if you have any questions or to book an appointment. 

We would love to meet you and give you an art tour of our current exhibit!


Jano Lapin Gallery’s mission is to inspire people to cultivate an interest in visual arts by educating the public to recognize the value of original artworks. Purchasing artworks is a direct way to support the local thriving art community as well as embellish your space that represents your values.  


Jano Lapin Media born in 2016 is as a media organization, (JanoLapin.com) where we currently have six content creators focused on different types of cultural events, various art forms and artists.

Storytelling about the evolving art world in our culture today. Jano Lapin re-introduces you to the Arts. We are showcasing a variety of artists, events, and organizations that make a cultural impact on our society, in a relatable format. Visual arts, performing arts, and everything in between is what we talk about—based in beautiful Montreal, Canada – lover of the arts worldwide.

Our mission is to encourage people to develop an interest in the arts and include it in their lifestyle.

In 2018, Jano Lapin created the television series Art Impact. The first series of six episodes started to air in the Fall of 2018 on the MAtv network, Illico and the web.  The series had 19 guests including six artists from different fields, six related organizations, and six industry specialists. 

The 2nd series started to air in January 2020 with six new episodes including themes like Art Fairs, Opera, Theatre, Ballet, Orchestra and Art and Technology.

For more information on the ART Impact series, please click here.  

Anne Jano, the creator of Jano Lapin and Jano Lapin Gallery is an ardent Montrealer, lover of the Arts and well-traveled curious individual.  Growing up in a vibrant cultural environment, she practiced dance, drawing, and piano. Studying business at HEC, graduating with a BBA and MSc, she did a significant project on cultural non-profits. Anne volunteers in various arts organizations including the Young Philanthropist Circle of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. To engage her creative side, she established a brand (Jano Lapin) where she reveals her enthusiasm for the art world she frequents.

Contact us at hello@janolapin.com for all inquiries! We appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing from you!