Water Dam par Sylvia Trotter Ewens – Galerie Jano Lapin
Water Dam par Sylvia Trotter Ewens

Water Dam par Sylvia Trotter Ewens

Sylvia Trotter Ewens

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Oil on wood panel, 16’’ X 12’’ inch, 2020.

Conceptually developed based on research on green energy and delving into questioning further the pros and cons of it. For instance, for hydropower, we must question what land must be altered to make room for the water dams that ultimately lead to habitat degradation and threats to wildlife. This is not to say I am against green energy. However, I think it is important to always be mindful that green energy technology carries its own negative environmental impacts and wish to convey the often-overlooked consequences of green technology as we continue to increase its scalability to suit our high consumption demands. In this painting, I think about the risks water dams pose in causing droughts caused by withholding water, depleting habitats accustomed to yearly floods or farms downstream, of the much-needed nutrients water supplies. That, and the sudden flooding in landscapes to construct these dams or from when the water is released, further damaging and causing losses to habitats. This image portrays a state of both extremes with pockets of varying habitats in the landscape. One habitat is surrounded by dolos, placed by perhaps a resident in an effort to protect it from the coming flood.