La marche du temps - Original Artwork – Galerie Jano Lapin
La marche du temps - Original Artwork
La marche du temps - Original Artwork

La marche du temps - Original Artwork

Sylvie Adams

Price $2,000.00 Sale

Original Artwork by Sylvie Adams

• 76 cm x 61 cm – 30″ x 24″
• Acrylic, spray paint, India ink, markers, archival paper on canvas


This artwork is about our subjectivity in perceiving time - Happy moments are too short and difficult ones are perceived as longer. It is also about the passage of time.

This artwork is part of the Scattered Trajectories project which is a reflection and a critical review on performance in the North American culture. In this project, I want to confront the notion of a linear path, which to many people equals success, and propose a different way to view our life. Life is not a linear succession but a series of accidents, oppositions, chance encounters and sudden events. The paintings in this project are paired - with one painting showing some geometrical abstraction and the other showing only lyrical abstraction. In each painting, you will find references to trajectories, paths and life events.