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Diamond in the rough

Diamond in the rough

alex coma

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oil on canvas, 24" x 30", (2019)


“Diamond in the Rough” This is the first piece from one of #new #paintingseries . In this body of work, I am studying the influence those movies I’ve watched over a hundred time as a child had and still have on the way a perceive and interact with this physical universe. As a child, we are sponges and everything we learn and experience directs how are 5 senses will treat the information it receives. In the process of purifying my mind, and searching for the essence of who I am, this process has brought me lots of insights as I was very identified as this character of #Aladdin growing up. Being a #freemason himself, Walt Disney has intergrated lot of occult symbols in his movies and those have a direct influence on our unconscious minds. Identifying them has been so fascinating. In this particular #artwork, I have #reimagined this scene and re appropriated it to make it closer to the #worldview I want to integrate. In this sense , it is a kind of #arttherapy