Aura 01 par Alisha Piercy – Galerie Jano Lapin
Aura 01 par Alisha Piercy

Aura 01 par Alisha Piercy

Alisha Piercy

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acrylic ink on vellum (2021)
32” x 34”

// Alisha Piercy is an artist-researcher in Montréal. Her work seeks new ways to think-with patterns of ruin in an attempt to re-dream alternate futures. Her interdisciplinary art practice explores large-scale drawing installations and she is the author of poetry, novels, and texts in collaboration. Currently a PhD student in the Queen’s University Cultural Studies Department, Piercy holds an MFA (Concordia University), an MA in Art Conservation (Queen’s University), and a BA in Literature (McGill University). In addition her practice as an artist, Piercy works for the International Council of Design, a non-governmental organization that advocates for value, ethics and policymaking in social design.

//Working from Saidiya Hartman’s notion of a critical fabulation, the drawings from the Aura series wonder over the troubles of our living ways with hope to prefigure—through texts, drawings, diagrams and digital outputs, based on ethnographic encounters—new modes of relating. More planetary than worldly in scope, the exploration asks: what kind of future connections—human, other-than-human, atmospheric, astronomical, territorial, oceanic, and computational—are possible? What would the aura of these encounters look like? How can visualizing these auras? What alternate systems and infrastructures of being, governing and terraforming can be imagined?

The energies, affects and vitalities that embody each encounter—between spaces, events, and beings, are often invisible, indecipherable or hard to explain in words. As part of my research on speculative fictions (SF): science-fictions, -fantasies and -fabulisms, my interdisciplinary practice works with critical theory in phenomenology and other-than-human perception with a focus on interspecies communication.


In its early stages, the Aura series aims is a playful attempt to act as a kind of “eco-medium”. Expressed in both analogue and digital forms, I hope to pick up on and make legible, the possible gestures, marks, free-floating forms, portals and (w)holes that might emerge and open our senses to other realms.