Colección: Olivia McGilchrist

(EN) Biography:

Olivia McGilchrist (she/her) is a multimedia artist and doctoral candidate exploring how colonial legacies extend their reach to Virtual Reality (VR) technology. She completed a Fine Art Photography MA at London College of Communication, 2010 and has since been working primarily with video, multimedia installation and VR since 2015 both as an artist and a consultant on interdisciplinary performance based projects. She has exhibited in the Caribbean, Europe, South and North America and is now pursuing the Individualized PhD at Concordia University (2017-2022). Her thesis project is entitled “Virtual ISLANDs, hybrid identities in Virtual Reality.” 

(EN) Artist statement: 

Exploring the notion of a digital self, this brand new series of short video loops focuses on small gestures, slowing them down within a digital canvas.

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