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Violet Forest

Violet Forest | Just an AI Girl ♡ 120

Violet Forest | Just an AI Girl ♡ 120

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Violet Forest (Violeta López, born 1990) is a Colombian-American creative technologist and digital artist from and currently based in Miami, Florida, United States. She was originally trained in film photography & video art and received an undergraduate Bachelor of Art (2012) from Florida International University. She then received her graduate degree in Master of Fine Arts (2016) at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the Art & Technology program. Her artistic practice involves researching emerging technologies, methods, and tools to work creatively with game art, web art, VR/AR, 3D, computer vision, and AI art. She participates in open calls, artist residencies, and in-person + online virtual galleries, and is part of the Cybertwee collective and Digi-gxl collective. Her work has been shown at institutions like Birmingham Open Media (UK) & Panke Gallery Berlin for Vorspiel / Transmediale Festival.

Forest also works as a creative technologist using technologies like VR/AR, computer vision, DIY electronics, machine learning, 3D and app development and worked in Berlin, Germany (2018-2020) as a full-time employee at Volkswagen Future Center Europe making in-car prototypes for autonomous vehicles. In 2021 she completed a fellowship collaboration in Paris, France building an Android hand-tracking application to control an opensource arduino-powered prosthesis. In 2021, she was commissioned by Snapchat to make an Augmented Reality lens, and became immersed in the crypto and NFT community, collaborating as a front-end developer with the Tezos NFT platform Hic et Nunc. She is currently focusing full-time on working on her digital art practice & NFTs.

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