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Phosphor | Future Shock

Phosphor | Future Shock

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It is an expression of the maddening lostness in the Babylon of endless data 


Phosphor is an experimental artist with a background in philosophy and history of art. He has been creating artworks for over a decade in digital painting, collage, webart and video art mediums. Now mainly focusing on generative and AI-assisted art. 

Artist Statement 

I see myself as a human generator.

In my most recent series I explore ideas from neuroscience, physics and biology. Entwining data from different fields in attempt to deconstruct and reprogram current paradigm with novel metaphors, and to reveal the essence of unobservable phenomena. I try to portray psychedelic estrangement in the world of digital simulacra, transcendence from algorithmic routines, posthuman mutation in the virtual world and dreams of our corrupted connectome.

My vision is greatly inspired by surreality of quantum fields, and by visualization tools such as X-Ray and MRI. 

Social Media handles & links 

Twitter: @phosphhor

Instagram: @phosph_or phosphor


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