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Nikita Panin

Nikita Panin | Introspection

Nikita Panin | Introspection

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Nikita's spheres of interest span oil painting, ceramics and various digital art fields with a varied and impressive portfolio. His first foray into digital web-artwork was in 2001 with his first exhibition in 2004. An alum of the St. Petersburg Art & Design Academy (specializing in ceramics) he graduated in 2013 with excellence. Nikita’s work centered around oil painting between 2013 – 2020, however AI experimentation entered his artistic life in 2019. With basic coding skills already in hand, this was a fluid transition for Nikita, ushering him into the world of blockchain digital art.

 Having amassed considerable experience over the last few years, his main research now focuses on the exploration of creative possibilities within artificial neural networks. The artist’s work has been described as hypnotic yet provoking. Critics have praised his mathematically precise approach while embracing “the logic of shift and distortion which allows Nikita Panin to avoid an unambiguous choice in favor of abstraction or figure, to drift between affect and feeling, sensation and symbolism.


Twitter: @weirdnikita



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