Louis-Bernard St-Jean (Artist) – Jano Lapin

Louis-Bernard St-Jean


Louis-Bernard St-Jean was born in 1979, Montreal QC, in a family of art collectors and painters dating back several generations. Raised among the works of contemporary masters, Louis-Bernard’s artworks fits with relevance in the continuation of Quebec’s postmodern heritage.

His career as a painter began in 2014 when after a remarkable ascension, he devoted himself entirely to his professional practice in early 2015.

Louis-Bernard St-Jean is a member of the RAAV (Regroupement des Artistes en Arts Visuels du Québec) and CARFAC (Canadian Artists Representation). His works are presented in many private and public collections around the world (Canada, US, France, and Germany.)

Awards & Distinctions

Louis-Bernard St-Jean received the People's Choice Award for the piece Rhapsody in Blue at the annual "Brush Off!" 2015 Juried Painting Competition; his artwork Taïga was selected for the regional finals of the 2016 Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series.

In March 2018, Devenir Immortel—St-Jean's first artwork on paper unveiled publicly ahead of Papier 18 Art Fair—had the hammer price soaring high to nearly three times its appraisal value during ArtSida8’s Main Auction.

Artist Statement

Constantly seeking to push back the physical limits of the medium and its support, Louis-Bernard St-Jean has gradually developed a unique sculptural style which fits with relevance in the continuation of the post-modern heritage of Quebec

Alternating between monochrome paintings and organic abstract landscapes, his works stand out in particular by their pronounced vertical texture, presenting a complex and sophisticated aesthetic, akin to a natural and contemporary evolution of lyrical abstraction.

Inspired by musical influences or scenes of nature, St-Jean shapes the oil paint with a painting knife in the manner of a bas-relief, then reworks it to form a fine vertical linear texture covering the entire surface.

Erected perpendicular to the support, this unique texture generates a lenticular effect where the appearance of the painting changes constantly with the observer’s point of view, resulting with an artwork in continuous interaction with its environment.

12 artworks