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Kevin Jenne

Artist Statement

Everything is in motion, life in an eternal flux. My art is in pursuit of that
constant movement, as I navigate the colours, scents, shapes and
textures of my daily existence. My source material is all around me and
it seeps into my subconscious as I go about my day, ultimately finding
its voice in paintings that seem to be a never-ending storyboard.
I work in series, inspiration trapping me into cycles of images that once
exhausted inevitably lead to another existential rabbit hole.
Life pulsates all around, vibrating with colour and sound, all of which
dictates my compositions as well as my palette. Movement is at the core
of all I do, human figures oscillate against undulating shapes reflected in
wet pavement. Nature, as much as urban scenes, brings myriad images
into my inner eye in a vibrant procession of images as yet undiscovered.
I work fast, almost compulsively, the composition taking shape beyond
my conscious control, the colours and shapes finding their own place
within it, and I know it is done when the insistent energy that drives my
brush subsides, and all is quiet again. The painting is complete.
I am inspired by the human condition as much as I am by the pure
aesthetic of life, all the time attuned to the spirit that weaves through it
all, finding expression in art that is my way of communicating.

Most recently my artistic passion has manifested in a digital form. The transferable skills of fine art painting has lend them well to my creation of hand drawn ipad animation. The final images are made available as mixed media on canvas. My most recent series is called, Complicated love. A new contemporary style of intricately created hearts against abstract backgrounds.


Born in Canada, Kevin Jenne knew from an early age he wanted to be an artist.
Inspired and encouraged by both his mother, whose refined drawings garnered her numerous prizes, and his larger-than-life uncle, a self-taught artist with an
exceptional talent, Jenne soon developed his unique style. From his early works
reminiscent of stained glass windows, and series of works inspired by architectural motifs and musicians, to his stylized landscapes, and shimmering, teeming with life street scenes. Jenne favours vibrant, luminescent colours against a black background, echoing a childhood memory of creating together with his mother a church tapestry with votive symbols on black velvet. As is the rite of passage for any serious artist, Jenne went to France where he immersed himself in the works of great masters, exploring the many museums of Paris and imbuing him with an even greater creative impulse. The period between 1995 and 2000 saw that ardour put into work, resulting in four solo exhibitions and several group shows in Montreal.

The success of his paintings was instantaneous, with a sale at the prestigious
Waddington's Gallery in Toronto. Between 2006 and 2008, Jenne's art began to be appreciated outside of Canada, and he was invited to show at Le Sans Souci gallery in New York City, and in 2007, he was selected to participate in a group exhibition in Beijing, China, in conjunction with the Canadian Embassy. Jenne's contemporary style lends itself to numerous applications, and in 2009, the Carone winery featured one of his paintings on the label of their limited edition wine, Joie, which was launched at an art show at Klimantaris Art Gallery. Jenne is an impressively prolific artist, a restless and curious observer of life, but also a keen participant in it via his art. In 2010, one of his works elicited a bid of $20,000, with all the proceeds going to the Tim Horton's Children's Foundation. Jenne combines his creative spirit with astute business acumen, finding unusual ways of disseminating his works. He co-founded Splurge Art Gallery in Bucerias, Mexico and had two solo shows, with one of his paintings gracing the cover of the November issue of Bay Vallerta magazine. He has also collaborated on a variety of artistic projects with corporations such as Mechatronics and ABB Group. Jenne thrives on public reaction and often enjoys
painting live during special events, thus continually widening his circle of art lovers.

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