Janna Yotte – Galerie Jano Lapin

Janna Yotte

Artist Statement

Janna Yotte specializes in collage, placing botanical books, obsolete medical specs and trendy fashion magazines under her scalpel. An expert in extracting specimens, limbs, organs and other living things (in whole or in part), she reassembles pieces into improbable, natural sets, where strangeness does not affect their beauty. Tempering disproportion and surrealism with meticulous découpage and thematic, geometric coherence, the compositions contrast on several levels: they seem fragile, though their presence is imposing; they are delicate and refined, yet shameless, even disturbing. The compositions raise questions, although we are quick to admire and accept them as they reveal themselves to us. Their contradictory forces give each work a disarming but reassuring familiarity, just like (human) nature.


Originally a photographer and graphic designer, Janna began practicing collage in 2017 and has since exhibited in Montreal, New York, Maastrich and Toronto. Cutting into publications of all kinds, she's assembled more than a hundred works, which quickly captured attention with their neat aesthetics and intriguing contrast. In 2018, she unveiled Biotopia, a series of collages inspired by nature and femininity.
Janna welcomes bespoke requests from individuals and private companies, as well as contributes to ELLEAustralia, ELLE U.K. and counts street artist Stikki Peaches amongst her clients. 

18 artworks