DUVAL – Galerie Jano Lapin


Artist Statement

By my art I question the encounter between opposing elements. Black and white, certainly, or abstract and figurative, movement and rigidity, but also between dark elements of human reality and the tipping point that turns it into a luminous character. It is through painting that I highlight this dialogue of paradoxes.

I deconstruct the codes and symbols of society and, through painting, acrylic, pens and photos, I engage in questions about the place of the human, the way we look at ourselves and the other.  My art stems from a reflection I have on my academic career, criminology, and presents a pictorial expression inspired by paradoxical social situations. For example, consider the inclusion of marginalized people versus those who follow social rules and norms. It is above all the question of the porosity of borders, the one that becomes a tipping point and introduces the importance of movement in my work. Creation pushes me, more and more, to the realization that, by deconstructing these borders literally or figuratively, beauty will emanate from itself.

My work reveals the trace, the imprint, the gesture of this deconstruction of borders, frames or norms and in fact becomes an interrogation brought directly to the public, a deep questioning which pushes the latter to introspection.



Originally from Saint-Pascal, Quebec, Marie-Chloé Duval continues a path as varied and audacious as her works. First absorbed by a career in criminology, Duval discovers his interest in art as her graduate studies come to an end. The writing of her thesis will undoubtedly be the trigger for a push to express herself and illustrate her vision of human and society.  Self-taught, Duval gradually develops her visual identity and explores the world of photography before devoting herself fully to painting. First, during ephemeral events, she quickly transposes her analysis of the world at a rate that accelerates and it is the Berger Cultural Center that will offer her first solo exhibition opportunity. Duval participates in her first symposium in 2016 and the criticism salutes her work in an equivocal way; she will win 5 prizes during the event. Winning in notoriety, Duval makes a remarkable live performance at the McCord Museum during the Digital Spring 2017, in Montreal. From then on, commercial brands will seek to partner with Duval to combine her bold and daring touch with their brand image.

47 artworks