Alex Coma – Galerie Jano Lapin

Alex Coma

Artist Statement

Alex Coma is a visual artist using oil painting and photography as a means to create what we could call “spiritual landscapes”. Using his own source images, which he meditates upon for a long period of time, he constructs surreal, dreamy scenes, which are filled with symbols and metaphors, which attempt to describe the world he lives in. Mixing ancient occult teachings and influenced by many antique painters and philosophers, he creates meaningful artworks, which end up speaking for themselves. His works touch upon subjects such as the inherent fear of death every earthling eventually faces and the infinite knowledge our science-based contemporary world is in the quest of discovering. For him, human’s inner spirituality is the way to find wisdom to describe, through art, mystical concepts such as the links between the physical universe and the human body. His work has been shown in a few galleries in his hometown, Montreal, in addition to London and Miami. He has won a study grant at the Montreal Fine-Art Academy as well as from the Quebec Government to pursue his most ambitious art production so far.

25 artworks